When should I require a mandatory shipping address?

By default, asking for the shipping address is optional and suggested only once the contribution is registered.

This allows a faster process to contribute to your campaign but, if you absolutely need the address for delivering rewards or a tax receipt, this can require a longer time to collect the addresses later.

You have an option for each reward to oblige the filling of the shipping address when contributing. When you create a reward, inside the column on the right, you have a checkbox “Make the shipping address mandatory”. This option only applies to the related reward, you need to check this checkbox for each reward you would like to see the shipping address required.

Please keep in mind the following points:

  • Activating this option add an extra step in the contribution process, which could increase the drop rate in the payment funnel. Only activate the option for rewards that really need a shipping address;
  • If delivery is planned later than 6 months after the campaign end date, users might have relocated somewhere else. It is better not asking for an address that is no longer valid when shipping your rewards. We recommend in that case to conduct a survey to the contributors just before sending the rewards rather than collecting them during the campaign.
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