What is the time limit for my project?

In general, the validation of your proposal takes place within one day after submitting it. Based on the information you provide, our team will decide if your project is eligible for our platform or not. If so, you will access the second step: working on your project page.

We estimate that this step lasts around one week in average, but getting the final approval mostly depends on the motivation and the involvement of the project owner! The faster you take into account your success manager’s advice, the faster you’ll get it. Once validated, you decide when you wish to publish your project page.

The maximum length of a campaign is 90 days, but keep in mind that shorter campaigns have a higher success rate and are more dynamic.

Funds will be transferred the day after the end date of the campaign, with a 72 working hours delay for the amount to be transferred to your bank account.

In case you activated PayPal, or if your campaign is in a currency other than EUR, you might also expect up to 5 extra days as we might need to run transaction requests again.

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