Searching a project

Our search page offers different options to find a specific project or just a selection of projects based on different criteria.

Top of page, you have a blue banner with a search field to look for a project containing a precise keyword. Press the Return key once you typed your word to start the search.

Just below, you have several lists to narrow down the displayed projects based on several criteria:

  • The category it’s classified
  • The state of the campaign (ongoing, ended or already funded)
  • The country of the project
  • The language used on the campaign

Select each time the option that interest you.

Below you will have a sentence indicating the number of projects matching your search and also an option to order them based on one of these criterias:

  • Popularity (défault choice)
  • Date (most recent)
  • Ending soon
  • Amount collected (by decreasing order)
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