Searching a project

Several options are available when you look for a specific project or you just want to browse through our platform.

First of all, a search engine is available on the top right of the website. Click on the magnifying glass icon or on the Search text and insert your keyword or the name of the project you’re looking for.

Second way: on every project listing page, you will find a column with different options on the right. On top, you will see the search engine again. Then, different menus to refine the selection of displayed projects:

  • Tags, which are the project categories, to refine the selection based on your interests. Several tags can be selected, you just need to click on the new one after the page finishes reloading;
  • Location, to only target projects from a specific country. For France, you can even go further and target by region or by city;
  • Advanced filters, to distinguish presale projects from the ones with a financial target. You can also select a project based on its language (independently from the country).

For each of these filters, you can cancel your choice by clicking on the Reset button in each category (the round arrow shaped icon).

Third option: in the blue ribbon just above the projects, there are two menus:

  • On the left, you can choose to only see funded projects, ended ones or all of them. By default, only projects currently funding appear;
  • On the right, you can change the display order of the campaigns. By default, its based on popularity, but you can decide to change the order by date (most recent ones), end date (almost ended ones) or amount collected (in decreasing order).

Criteria from the right column and the blue ribbon generate a specific URL each time the page reloads. This allows you to save the address of a specific search.

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