My project was declined

You have submitted a proposition for a project and you received a negative answer? First, check the exact reason why your request was denied. Keep in mind that we evaluate the  feasibility  and chances of success of your campaign. Never forget that Ulule works on an All or nothing mode: if you do not reach your objective, you will not receive any fund!

Your project might be at a too early stage to start a crowdfunding campaign. In this case, work on your community and elaborate your project before applying again.

Your initiative might be too personal and might not have the collective reach needed to be successful on Ulule. In that case, we recommend you to use our Okpal website instead, that allows you to create fundraising campaigns and collect all received funds, independently of the initial aimed amount.

You might have omitted important information or not detailed enough the rewards you consider offering. In this case, take some time to analyse past campaigns that reached their objective on Ulule and are similar to yours to understand what would work best.

To submit you proposal again, you simply need to go back to the proposition form and fill it again.

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