Add tracking codes for Analytics / Facebook / Twitter

If you want to track the results of your campaign and the efficiency of advertising campaigns you might do on the side, you can add these elements to your project page:

  • Google analytics tracking ID (As of July 1, 2023, UA identifiers are no longer supported by Google. You must use a Google Analytics 4 ID beginning with “G-);
  • Facebook remarketing pixel;
  • Twitter remarketing pixel.

To add one or several trackers, you need to go to the Main information section of your campaign. Click on the last section, “Advanced remarketing and tracking options”.

You can add as many codes as you want by clicking on Add another remarketing pixel or tracking id button, selecting the code type in the left menu, and inserting the code in the field on the right.

To delete a code, you just need to click on the bin shaped icon on the right.

Always save your changes by clicking on the Save button at the end of the page.

For more details please read the following article:

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