Who can edit a project page?

On Ulule, access to editing a project page is limited by default to the user account that originally created the campaign.

You can assign roles to other users to give them edition rights to your page or to be identified as members of your team.

The different roles are:

  • Creator of the project: user that created the project, has all rights on the campaign; this role cannot be modified or assigned to another user, it is the default role of the campaign creator ;
  • Editor: can edit the page content or the rewards ;
  • Moderator : no edition right but appears as a member of the project team when writing comment on the campaign page.

Assigning and changing roles can be done only by the creator of the project (See How to assign roles to other users)

Please be careful when editing your page if you assigned editor roles, it is not possible to simultaneously edit the project page, the last user saving the modifications will replace the previous backup.

For more details on roles, check our article on Community.

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