How to assign roles to users

The creator of the campaign can assign roles to users to allow them to edit the content and the rewards (Editor role) or to be displayed as a member of the team on the comments page (Moderator role)

Adding, changing and removing roles can be done from your campaign page. Click on Main Information on the Edit my project menu (“Main information” page on your campaign if not published yet) and then go to the “Add users as members of your project team”

You can assign roles to users by adding their email address (if they are registered on Ulule) or their Ulule username.

You can also remove a role by clicking on the little “bin” icon.

Please be careful when editing your page if you assigned editor roles, it is not possible to simultaneously edit the project page, the last user saving the modifications will replace the previous backup.

For more details on roles, check our article on Community.

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