Why activate them? 

On average, 20% of the funds raised are in the last 48 hours, which generates a lot of visibility for your project, and also inevitably some latecomers once the project is finished!



This is why we have developed the "Extensions" feature to allow you to continue collecting and to allow latecomers to support you. 

On average, during an extension period, projects increase their fundraising by 10%! At Ulule, therefore we recommend that projects that have successfully reached their goal extend their campaign to avoid missing out on latecomers. 

The extension period can also be a temporary solution for projects that do not have yet an e-shop and want to avoid losing sales. 


How to activate them? 

7 days before the end of your campaign and once you have reached or exceeded your initial goal, you will be able to activate in advance in the settings of your page in the section dedicated to extensions.



Click on the "Activate extensions" button in the "End of campaign" section and let yourself be guided.



Extensions can be activated no later than 7 days after the "official" end date of the campaign. 

Everything remains the same on the page during extensions except for the time when it will say "Extensions". The gauge continues to build up, the goal is that the gauge and the number of contributions will continue to engage latecomers to contribute.


Some additional points to note if you activate the extensions: 

  • There will be two transfers: the first will be the funds collected until the official end date / the second on the additional funds collected during the extension period;
  • Regarding potential contribution cancellations: before the extensions, the standard rules apply, supporters can cancel their donation until the first transfer of funds. During extensions, you can contribute and cancel until the second transfer has been made;
  • You will have access to a single excel with all contributions over the whole period (including extensions); 
  • The commission remains the same during the extension period, 8% (incl. VAT) on all the funds collected.


How do you communicate during extra time? 

Even if you decide to extend the campaign, it is important to communicate until the official end of the campaign as if it were going to stop.

In order to accelerate contributions in the last few days, it is important to create a sense of urgency by deploying a countdown on all your communication media.

Once the campaign is officially over, don't forget to publish a news item on your project page to thank all your supporters and remind them of the next steps (delivery of the rewards, continuation of the project, etc.).

If you have activated the extensions, remember to send latecomers back to your page, the link remains the same. 

During the extensions, you can still modify certain elements of your page (texts, images). You can also create new rewards and hide the old ones if you want to keep exclusivity for the people who contributed during the official campaign. 


How long can I extend my campaign ?

Extensions can go up to 6 monthsafter the end date of your campaign. 

If you wish to extend beyond 6 months, you can change the end date of the extensions in the dedicated section. Please note that you must do this before the extensions end because once the campaign is closed, it will not be possible to reopen it.



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