Activating and using tax reduction

Notice: this feature is only available to organizations domiciled in France.

The platform allows you to activate an option to :

  • inform your supporters that a donation to your project is eligible for a tax deduction
  • collect all the data required to issue tax receipts (and export them for further processing)


First of all, you need to make sure that your organization meets the conditions required to allow your backers (individuals and companies) to benefit from tax advantages. We invite you to consult this article detailing the necessary conditions (french).

Activating the feature

When creating your beneficiary account during the project launch process, you can check a box to activate this feature.


Tax reduction page

A new Tax reduction page is available in your project menu under Settings.

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From this page, you can :

  • Activate or deactivate the tax reduction on donations to your project
  • Set the rate to be displayed: 66% (default) or 75%.

Please note that this rate is indicative and is used for information purposes on your project page, to simplify understanding for individuals. This rate is different for corporate philanthropy, and conditions apply. Find out more on the government website (french).

If your project includes rewards, you can select which ones are eligible for tax reduction:

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How it works for your backers

As soon as the tax reduction is activated on your project, an information is displayed on your page:

Before payment, we collect the information needed to issue the tax receipt from the support:

  • First name - Last name (and Entity, if necessary)
  • Status (Individual, Company or Organization)
  • Full postal address

During the contribution process, backers are informed that their contribution or donation is eligible for a tax reduction (in whole or in part):

After the payment, the supporter will find this information in the order confirmation email as well as in the contribution details on their Ulule account.

How it works for you as a project owner

  • You have activated the option: as soon as the option is activated, it is visible on your project and applies to all contributions, except those you have specifically excluded.
  • Issuing tax receipts: you are responsible for generating and sending the tax receipt at the end of your project. Exporting your contributions enables you to retrieve all the information collected on each contribution, in a usable format.

To find out more about the tax implications of your project, please consult our tax guide.

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