Google Analytics - Track visits and conversions of your Ulule project (advanced)

Prerequisite: you have an online Ulule project on which you have activated your own Google Analytics tracking.

Track your views

If you're using a custom Google Analytics tracking code or Facebook tracking pixel, here's how to understand the different URLs you'll find.

Google Analytics will display the slug of your page. The slug is the address of your page without the Ulule domain name. For example, it's the bold portion in this address:

You will have 3 groups of pages.

The subpages (tabs)


You'll find:

  • /news - Project news
  • /supporters - Project backers
  • /comments - Visitors and backers comments

Editing page

These are the pages you visit when you edit your project, so they are of little use for your statistics. They always have this building: /projects/<id>/edit/*

<id> is the unique numeric identifier of your project.


Payment pages (checkout funnel)

Finally, you will be able to track all the pages visited by visitors in the payment funnel.

Access to the payment tunnel is done by clicking on the Contribute button or by clicking on one of the rewards in your project or by clicking on a reward direct link from your page.

It could also be done by adding /checkout to the project slug, example:

Step 1 - Reward(s) selection

URL format:<id>/checkout/

The numeric identifier is the public ID of your project (as mentioned above).

Step 2 - Sign up or login

URL format:<id>/checkout/login

If the user is already logged in, he will arrive at /login but immediately go to the next step.

Step 3a - Pick-up locations

URL format:<id>/checkout/pickup

Optional step, only if the project has at least one active pick-up location and the user has chosen this delivery option.

Step 3b - At-home shipping or contact details

URL format:<id>/checkout/shipping

Optional step, only if a postal address is required (it can be cumulated with the pick-up location step if the address is forced).

Step 4 - Payment

URL format:<id>/checkout/payment

Choice of payment method.

Step 5 - Redirect to the payment method

The URL varies according to the chosen method, there is no tracking possible on this step.

Step 6 - Payment confirmation

URL format:<id>/checkout/endfunnel/done/comment?order_id=XXXXXXX 

The user visits this page if his payment is confirmed, so this URL can be used in Google Analytics to set a conversion goal. The order_id parameter is unique for each order.

Track your conversions

You receive an e-commerce conversion in Google Analytics, Facebook or Twitter, depending on what you have configured.

You can also use the payment confirmation address described above as a conversion goal in Google Analytics.

Notice that taking into account the ad blockers, you should expect a negative difference of 8-10% of the conversions between your tracking tool and your actual conversions on your page.


  • Taking into account the ad blockers, there should be a negative difference of 8-10% of the actual data between what is displayed in your tracking tool and the real data on your page (available in the Statistics tab)


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