Publish 'News' on your page | Why and how?

Once your campaign is live, you can add 'News' to your project page. This is a great tool to publish content on your project page and keep your campaign alive. 

As soon as you publish a News, all your contributors will receive automatically an email including the content that you posted. In this way, you'll keep them informed about the progress of the project and the campaign.

How to post a News?
You find the 'Add News' tab at the top of your project page. 
You have the option to post News that's either visible to your contributors only or visible to the public (=contributors + page visitors). 

Ok cool! But what should I post?
Here are some of our tips for an attractive News post: 

  • Don't be boring! Try to avoid talking about a topic more than once. So don't always talk about the newest collection, but find other hooks and perspectives. Use the News section as a temporary diary in which you tell about your joys and difficulties as a creator.
    Topic ideas: What about sharing the progress? How do you feel about reaching 50%? Do you have a new stretch goal to announce?

  • Make it personal! Your contributors would like to get to know you. Put yourself in their shoes: wouldn't you like to know to who you're giving money to? 
    Topic ideas: Talk about the team, who's doing what? What about blogging or vlogging your "day as a Ulule campaigner"?

  • Make them feel they're involved! Make your contributors feel they're involved in your project. The goal is to make them feel privileged supporters by receiving this exclusive content. This is how they will become the best ambassadors for your project! 
    Topic ideas: Giving away 1 pair of free shoes to one of your contributors. Show them backstage sneak peeks. 

  • An image says more than... The reader of your post will take up to 1 minute to actually read it. So our advice: the more you can visualise, the better! It's always more pleasant for your supporters to receive photos, animated GIFS or videos than large blocks of indigestible text.

  • Do you still have no inspiration on what to post? Ask your coach! Or browse through the project on Ulule to see what other campaigners posted. 

When to post?
Try to post regularly, like twice a week. Milestones like reaching 25% and 50% are a great 'excuse' to post a News too.

Use the News as a tool to create urgency when you're 7 days away of the deadline of your campaign. Over the last 4 days, make one News per day and use the countdown effect to mobilise your community of supporters and invite them to share the campaign as much as possible around them (4 days left / 3 days left etc.)

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