A Title with a Hook

Draw them in with the title, convince them with the subtitle! 

The title and subtitle are, along with the main image, the initial points of contact for your project readers. 

Kind in mind that the title will be visible on Ulule’s website, elsewhere on social media and even in other media if you manage to grab the reader’s attention. 

 Your thumbnail will be shoulder-to-shoulder with other projects. Pick a title that can compete!

Your title and subtitle are shown one under the other on your front page. They should fit together like yin and yang!

On social media, the title and subtitle are visible first thing!

The 3 Steps of Title Creation (in 2 minutes)!

1. WHO--What defines who you are!  

Your team, your game, your band. Sometimes that’s enough! 

2. WHAT - What makes your project special. Why are you on Ulule?

It could be for project creation: an album, a board game, a product line, or even an adventure!

It could be a point of differentiation; a first-of-it’s-kind eco-friendly basket, a locally made ethical bio brand, an all-male hologram orchestra, crossing the Atlantic with just a paddle, etc. 

It could also be an act or a calling: fathering, saving, etc. 

The What should be 4-5 words tops!

3. Find the right formula!

Write out all possible combinations of steps 1 and 2 before settling on the right title. 

Here are few effective (and real) examples::
👍 eCreadys, a school for learning disorders
👌 CONSCIOUS 100% animal-free sneakers!
🤘 Production of the new Fullblast album
👉 IOUMI healthy & sustainable shower gel

Keep in mind: Short, unique, easy to remember

The subtitle

A subtitle is essential!

Often, this will be what convinces a visitor to click on your project. Your pic and title should hook them; your subtitle should real them in.

Now that you have a title, your subtitle should include a few more details.

The two should be in balance: a longer title should be followed by a short subtitle. Inversely, a brief title will pique curiosity but will need to be followed by a detailed subtitle. 

Look for an angle that leaves one wanting: a promise (“break your routine”) or a question (“ready for adventure”) are frequently used. But usually you will find a phrase or expression that summarises the project, piggybacking off the title.

The reader will read your title first, followed by the subtitle:

  • Bzzzz Zone / Concrete action to save the bees and other pollinating insects.
  • Bad Bitches Only / The feminist game to light up your nights!
  • Mazette! / The hilarious, satirical and ecological webcomic,
  • KAZARTT /  an atypical and ethical belt brand.  

Final Advice

Test them out on your page and have someone not in the know read it over. Not sure which to choose?

Pick a placeholder and circle back to it at the end. 

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