Have you thought about your delivery?

You campaign is under preparation, you have nice rewards to offer, but are facing a dilemma: What about delivery?


Here are some advices for you:

Be informed!

The most obvious and still an obvious trap to fall in. Sending thought the post or a delivery service company has a cost, based on the weight, the format and the shipping address. Ask your local post office or your service provider. If your rewards are manufactured by a third party,  ask your manufacturer about all characteristics to make your estimations.

Some service providers offer premium options like requiring receiver signature before delivery. It would be an additional cost, but it would avoid situations where the receiver claims not having received the reward. Consider it for your expensive rewards.

Include (national) shipping fees

You have two options when setting your fees:

  •     Define the price of your rewards and then ask for additional shipping fees
  •     Include those fees directly in the amount asked for your reward.

We recommend the second option, to avoid people leaving the checkout process when they get to the step asking for extra fees.
Another advantage, for international shipping, is that you’ll just need to set the difference between your national shipping already included and the international shipping as asked fee, offering then a lower cost for international backers.

Think of the neighbours

You can now define a limited number of countries where you want to ship your rewards. You can decide to only limit the shipping to your own country.

But keep in mind that your campaign could reach notoriety in adjacent countries. This means that a campaign running in the USA could get attention from Canadian potential backers!

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