How to reach that 100% & more 💪

Congrats your project is LIVE!

It’s now time to promote it, make those numbers GO UP! So here’s a checklist to touch base with your first circle: your inner circle.

They are your first backers, as in: they will buy rewards but also be willing to share your project with their own circles. So don’t forget to get them in the loop from the beginning so they feel included in the process of reaching success!

Here’s a todo list to keep your inner circle up to date and therefore motivated (don’t forget to add in all your communication a direct link to your Ulule page).


01 START SMALL send a direct email (or even better call) your closest people 🤙

Start small so you know you’ll get those 5 first backers!

Before sending a larger email make sure you’ve convinced your closest people, and that they’re onboard sharing and boosting your project. Backers attracts backers ;)



02 BE BOLD email all your contacts 📧

Start by your mailbox. Storytell your project in a personal email. Not too long, be concise about what’s the project and its rewards. For more details there’s your Ulule page, that’s where you want to redirect your backers. One main information has to come through: you have a kickass project and you need your first circle to help it boost it!

Choose all your contacts: friends, family, coworkers, grand-grand-daddy. As long as they are IRL contacts, go for it: may they hop on or not, those contacts will be grateful to at least get news ;)

In that email don’t forget to ask them to SHARE SHARE SHARE your story, a friend that shares your project through social media, email, or at work sipping whatever-you-take-your-coffee-with, is as valuable as a friend that backs.

WARNING wait until you’ve reach 20/30% of your goal to communicate widely to general public.

Because a project that has less than 20% backed is not engaging enough! Remember backers attracts backers. If a stranger lands on a page with few backers they won’t trust it, and won’t hit that BUY button.



03 GET SOCIAAAL talking about media #️⃣

This may sound like a grandma tip, but USE THOSE SHARE TOOLS, share your project page of course, but also news and community articles, any new content, on Facebook sure but any other media you use.


Time to use that Facebook account (pages / groups : may they be personal or dedicated to the project)!

Have a strategic plan to communicate throughout your campaign via Facebook: post updates on number of backers, your rewards, your successes. Share news your write on your Ulule page.

Consistency will attract backers, you might not get them to buy a reward with your first post but if they see your passion they might be convinced at some point ;)

So don’t underestimate the power of post recurency, although try to be unique every time!

Always remind in your post that sharing will help boost your project (do it wisely of course no ones likes a begger).

If you’e a Facebook savvy, take the time to create a dedicated page / group or event. You’ll be able to invite your friends to a place where they can exchange easily about your project, don’t forget to add a link to your Ulule page ;)

WARNING traps to avoid:  don’t SPAM people by just sharing your Ulule link, it is way more rewarding to ASK SMARTLY than to be pushy.


*PERSONAL STATEMENT ON* Twitter is the coolest *OFF*, here are a few guidelines tips:

- tweet several times a day about your project, make it unique! Unlike Facebook (more than 3 posts a day and you’re a spammer) you can tweet away, unleash that copywriter in you!

- use hashtags, may they be trendy or relevant to your specific message #crowdfunding #maker #entrepreneur 

- don’t directly tweet to celebrities begging for money, unless it’s done very wisely and with lots of sass, just don’t try to hard ;)

- mention @ulule you might get RT’ed / add photos & be fun!


Ok so we’re aware not everyone has an instagram, either way you can benefit from this trendy social media:


I have an Instagram

- very appropriate for lifestyle / fashion and food projects if it’s your case post beautiful professional photos

- from time to time post dedicated news about your project 

- hashtag your way through

- add your ulule page link in bio

- follow relevant influencers that might like your project


I don’t have an Instagram

- ***read below


04 PRESS & MEDIA when relevant 🗞️

Get in touch with local media, always hungry for local stories. In some cases (not all) a national press release may make sense. It depends on your project impact, relevancy and contacts. Always remember to be pragmatic, start local, and see if your project can go further in the media game. Keep in mind that your first public is your own community not some big media’s.

*** Specialized influencers are the most impactful, know how to work with them. Dont’ waste time contacting any bloggers, instead find those relevant to your project and focus on them. Contact them to know their pricing / partnership offers. Try to be introduced by relatives who might know influencers, they will be more involved in your project!


05 IRL events 🔊

Sure internet is great but won’t replace the intimacy of a real event. So get that speech up and running and attend coworking events, or start small: pitch your project to friends, coworkers, people you might run into.

When pitching your project to strangers make sure they get your project link, so have a pen ready, or business cards, or even write it down on their phones ;)



06 FORUM we love it old school 🤓

Specialized forums are a good way to get your project out there. Same as influencers / bloggers, don’t waste time posting on any forum, find the relevants one!

Post an article about your project and ask for advice on how to sell it, build it, name it, send it, make it authentic and not just "hey here’s a cool project: BUY IT" 

Always add a link to your Ulule page.



You’re at the end of the todo list? Do it again ;)

And remember: HAVE FUN 🎉



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