Issuing tax receipts on Ulule

Notice: this feature is only available to organizations domiciled in France.

The Ulule platform allows you to generate and issue tax receipts for the contributions you receive.

As a preamble, you must have activated the tax reduction on your project.

Case 1 - You issue your tax receipts using a third-party tool

Important: do not check the "Automatically issue tax receipts" box.

Your contributions export contains an .xls file containing all the information required to issue your tax receipts: name, first name, full address, status, payment date and amount.

Use this export to create a mailing or import this data into the tool you use to generate and send your tax receipts.

Case 2 - You issue your tax receipts from Ulule

To issue your tax receipts, you need to activate the option from the Tax reduction page, then provide 3 mandatory pieces of information for the tax receipt template: the status of your entity, the function and the signature of your legal representative.

Once this information has been provided and the option has been activated, any new contribution to your project will receive a tax receipt issued by Ulule.

For reward-based campaigns: 

  • Contribution during the initial phase: the tax receipt is issued as soon as the project is completed and sent to each person in the confirmation email for the funded project.
  • Contribution during extra time: the tax receipt is issued as soon as payment is confirmed.

For donation-based campaigns: the tax receipt is issued immediately on receipt of payment and sent in the confirmation email. If it's a monthly donation, a tax receipt is issued for each validated monthly payment.

All tax receipts are available in the details of each contribution, with the option of downloading all tax receipts for a single person or for the whole project.

Specific cases

  • You activate the tax receipts option during your campaign: new contributions will receive a tax receipt, contributions already confirmed will be able to download a tax receipt only if the tax reduction option was active when the project was launched.
  • You deactivate the tax receipts option during your campaign: new contributions do not receive a tax receipt, while existing contributions retain access to the tax receipt already issued.
  • You (or the backer) modify the details (surname, first name, status or address): an updated tax receipt is then issued, marked "DUPLICATA".
  • If you modify any data in the tax receipt template, only the new tax receipts issued will take these modifications into account.

If you have any specific questions, please contact your coach in the Coaching tab.

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