How to contact a project owner

To contact a project owner, you must first of all log on your Ulule account.

Then, you have the following choices, all from the project page:

If you already have contributed to the campaign

You can send a direct message to the project owner by clicking on the Send a message link in the Creator section, on the right of the page.

If you haven’t made any contribution to the campaign

Two options in this case:

  • Leave a comment from the Comments tab. Your message will immediately be visible to everyone;
  • Reach the FAQ section at the bottom of the project page and click on the Ask your question button (available only on desktop). Your question will be publicly displayed once the project owner answers it.

If you do not have an Ulule account, it might happen that the project owner also indicates other ways to be reached on the campaign page (website, social network page, eventually email address), remember to always check the project description or the public profile of the project owner.



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