My project was published on Ulule, but it does not appear in the list of projects. Why?

This is because your project is still in the "Nestling" mode - it hasn't yet received its first 5 supporters. Your project is of course still accessible, but it doesn't appear in the Ulule public pages yet. For more information, please see below.

The "Nestling" mode is a sort of "bis moderation", in which your community participates. Your project has been validated by Ulule, great! We will do our best to help you refine your project's presentation, but ultimately it's not us you need to's your supporters.

In order to "validate" your idea or concept, you will inevitably rely on your first circle of acquaintances (See our guide to The three crowdfunding circles). There is a simple reason for this: if you don't succeed in convincing 5 of your nearest and dearest, it will be nigh impossble to convince complete strangers.

To appear in Ulule's public pages, you need to have at least 5 supporters. You can publish your project when you think it's the right moment, so don't hesitate to contact your first supporters in order to receive funds right from the moment you project is launched. For these first supporters you will need to provide the project address. All the promotion and sharing options will already be active, as with all validated projects.

NB : it is POINTLESS to send your project address to people who don't know you if you don't have at least a few supporters. Sorry for going on, but the same mistake is made again and again...Would you support a complete stranger's project which is at 0% funding?

Undoubtedly not. You risk de-credibalising your project. It's better to accept this simple rule which enables you to receive support from your close network and eventually reach out to a wider network of supporters.

Your project will be launched in "nestling" mode and will appear in the site's public pages as soon as the first 5 supporters have been collected.

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