Validation of my project for its publication

To validate your project, you must first complete all the sections of the page. You can access all four sections form the project edition navigation bar at the top of you page:

  1. Main information: here, you need to define the length, target, language and type of your project. Payment options are also available in this section.
  2. My project: everything regarding the content, with the final description of your project, editing the content, inserting pictures and videos.
  3. Rewards : if your campaign is not presale, you will have to define at least 4 rewards, the lowest possible being 1€. You will define the amount of each, the content and eventual add delivery fees. On your project page, they will appear on the right column.
  4. Identity information: you will have the choice between three options: individual, corporation or organization. We will need documents to prove your statement. You can edit the form anytime during the preparation of the campaign and before submitting it for approval. Therefore, if you change status, you will need to complete a new form.

Also, your Ulule profile will need to be fully completed (First and last name, username, avatar, city,...)

Once everything is completed, you can go to the “Submit” section of the blue ribbon. A recap will confirm that all needed sections are completed. Your success manager will then check your project and get back to you with any suggestion or request for changes.

After taking these feedbacks into consideration and once you feel you are fully ready, you can let your success manager know in your discussion thread and your page will be sent to final validation. Once the final validation is granted, you will have a green ribbon to click on to publish your page. This means you have full control on when you launch your campaign.

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