How can I activate PayPal payment system on my project?

PayPal payment system is not activated by default for projects collecting in euros. It is activated on request of project creators only.

You must have a PayPal account whose status is "verified" (see here for details). If your PayPal account is not verified, you will not be able to receive more than 2500 € on your PayPal account.

Please make sure not to make any mistake when indicating your PayPal address in our system, otherwise you could loose all PayPal payments. You will receive those PayPal payments on your PayPal account and not on your bank account.

To enable PayPal payments for your project, go to the “Identity Information” section of your project. Inside the form with all your details, you will have an “Optional payment methods” area. Fill in the email address, first and last name of your PayPal account and this will enable the option for PayPal payments on your project.

Please keep in mind two key matters :

  • There is a rate of payment lost with PayPal (10% on average), since payments are executed only at the end of the project, only in case of success. Accordingly, some PayPal accounts have not enough funds at this time, or the credit card linked to the PayPal account is expired.
  • The time frame for receiving your funds is longer: The funds are transferred within 8 days instead of 72 working hours like on campaigns with credit card only. This extra time is caused by the new attempts we make daily for the 5 days after the end of the campaign to reduce the amount of invalid payments.
  • This payment system might be a bit more expensive. Ulule's commission is 4.17% VAT excluded, however PayPal charges directly to the project creator there own commission which depends of your domestic country and must be added to Ulule's commission to have the total cost. Please consult PayPal documentation to know what commission they apply in your country.
  • You will receive a PayPal transaction for each contribution made with Paypal instead of one global transaction from Ulule. They will come from the contributors. Our commission will be collected on the amount transferred by Ulule on your bank account for the payments made on credit card.
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