How to handle the rewards of my project?

When creating your project, you will have to set up a list of rewards with different values, on a growing scale, each offering a higher value reward than the previous one.

Organizing rewards is mandatory to show your recognition toward people supporting your project.It’s a great way to involve people in your project. Best rewards are the ones with a strong link with your project: a projection of your movie, a recording of a concert you give, a postcard from the country you go for humanitarian work…

When deciding the amount they give to your project, users will also have to select a reward, based on that amount. A user can decide to take a reward for that amount or one that has a lower value, but won’t be able to select a reward that you associated with a higher value than their contribution.

You will also have the ability to limit some rewards to a specific number. For example,if you decide to make limited editions of a reward, you can set up how many users will be able to chose it before being not available anymore to other users.

Please finally note that the minimum number of rewards is four and that the lowest reward must start at 1€.

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