6 basics to keep in mind

Get involved! There's no magic formula...

Having your project on Ulue is great, but that is not enough in itself to ensure that it will be funded. Be active in its promotion. Your project is... YOURS.

A successful project is one that makes people want to be a part of it

Be generous! Large pictures, nice videos, clear and ordered presentation. Basically, show what you want!

A project that is great to discover will be shared more willingly.

Fully go by the "all or nothing" principle

To receive your funding, you must at least reach your objective (an objective that you want to surpass of course!).

If this is not the case, your supporters will be reimbursed without fees.

Create a relationship based on trust with your supporters and take the time to establish the correct budget from the start.

Discover much more than simply funding

The people that you are going to reach are your first audience, your "early birds".

You will find that over and above funding, a great experience comes of this: advice, friendships and meeting new people.

Manage your project

On Ulule, you alone remain in charge of your project: you keep full intellectual property rights of everything you do.

This also means you are responsible for your project and relations with your supporters.

Keep in contact with them!

Don't forget costs incurred!

Calculate your shipping costs (if you have them), the cost of your rewards and add the Ulule commission which is 5% VAT incl. + 3% transaction fee on all money collected, and applicable only if the project is fully funded. All transaction fees are included.

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