How does Ulule promote projects on its platform?

We have different ways to promote projects on Ulule:

  • To the audience on the website, that can discover all projects. From the homepage especially, where projects with the most supporters during the past 48 hours are ranked first. This is what the popularity filter, the one by default, does;
  • When a person supports a project, an email is sent to all Ulule users following him/her (for example, friends on Facebook who connected their Ulule account to Facebook).

Only available to our French users at the moment, we offer these two extra promoting channels:

  • A project of the day featured on our homepage, giving them an extra boost and visibility;
  • A weekly newsletter featuring 3 projects selected by our team. The audience of this newsletter is over 600 000 readers.

These last two will come later in other languages.

Ulule can act as an amplifier for your campaign’s success, but the initial leverage must always come from the the project owner with his direct network. If you can’t make your campaign work by yourself, our actions won’t have much impact: promoting a project that had no or few supporters usually doesn’t have any influence.

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