What kinds of projects are eligible?

It’s easier to think of it the other way around. All projects are eligible except:

  • Projects that do not have an outcome that is artistic, community-minded, or for the betterment of society and without a community-based strategy;
  • Incomplete projects: missing the presentation of the project owner, budget, rewards, etc.
  • Funding of political parties, ideological movements, religions or sects;
  • Projects whose intentions or outcomes are racist, violent, abusive, defamatory, revisionist, apologist for war crimes, or pedophilic, or which incite murder, suicide, discrimination, or hate;
  • Projects that could cause physical harm to the project owner or project donors;
  • Projects which content borrows copyrighted work without permission;
  • Projects that have an ongoing campaign on other fundraising sites.

Note: You can fund all or part of your project. You are allowed to fund only a part of your project, or even an associated side-project, as long as you clearly explain what you’re doing to your donors.

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