How does a crowdfunding campaign work on Ulule?

To ensure that the amounts requested by project owners are realistic and consistent with their needs, a limited time frame and specific minimum amount are defined for the fundraising campaign.

For example, let’s say two film-makers (call them Jules & Jim) want to make a short film. Jules & Jim do their math and realize they need 6,000 Euros to cover the costs of making the film. For Jules & Jim and other people who want to fund projects, it is more clear, effective and transparent to be completely up front about funding needs.

This way, there is less chance that donors will be disappointed or that project owners will find themselves falling short. In other words, if Jules & Jim "only" raised 4,000 Euros, they might not have enough money to completely fund their project. So fundraising with a "target amount" is a way to ensure that the project owner takes responsibility for the project and is transparent in explaining to donors exactly how their money will be used.

Ulule is the first platform to offer two fundraising types: the project manager can set a financial target, or a number of objects / items to pre-sell.

In the case of a subscription (or pre-sale), the project owner will have to set a price and the minimum number of preorders necessary to produce his product / idea.

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