By the way, who's behind Ulule?

Ulule is run by a happy team that works together in Paris, Montréal, Barcelona, Rome and Anvers, getting help from plenty of graphic artists, developers, legal experts, and so on. Ulule is the leading crowdfunding platform in Europe.

We're not the first crowdfunding service – far from it! (Read our blog post A Brief History of Crowdfunding.) Hats off to John Pratt's Fundable (r.i.p.) for example, Kickstarter in the USA, IndieGogo, and the many others that are exploring this approach to funding in their own way. They're complementary services, with different philosophies, features and/or fees, but they offer project creators many options. Let's hear it for options!

Ulule’s unique approach is to consider the support as a key element of your campaign. Launching your project with us means getting benefit of our expertise and experience thanks to thousands of successful campaigns since our launch in 2010. To benefit from it, it’s easy: send us your project here!

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