What type of rewards can I offer to my contributors?

When you write your project description, you have to present a list of rewards for different donation amounts.

It is a very effective way to show your gratitude to your donors, as well as a good way to get them interested and involved in your project.

The best rewards are those that are closely linked to your project: an invitation to screenings of your movie, a recording of the concert you are trying to fund, a postcard of the mountain you hope to be able to climb…

When they make their pledges, donors will be able to claim their rewards from your list, based on how much they pledged. A donor who pledges 50 Euros has the option to choose a reward offered for a smaller donation amount, but he or she can't choose a reward offered for a larger donation amount.

You also have the option to limit the number of certain rewards. For example, if one of your rewards is a numbered print, you can indicate how many times this reward can be selected before you run out, at which point it would no longer be available to new donors.

Keep in mind that financial rewards (refund of the money with or without interest, getting shares in the company,...) are forbidden.

Vouchers are also forbidden. A reward cannot be a condition to a further purchase.

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