What payment information and documents do I have to provide for funds transfer?

Before validating your project, we need your bank account information and identification documents requested in your project administration page. Those identification documents depend on the quality of the owner of the bank account:

  • For an individual: identity document
  • For a non profit organisation: proof of registration and copy of the identity document of the legal representative
  • For companies: proof of registration.

As soon as funding succeeds and we have all required documents, we will proceed with the transfer of funds. Timing to receive funds depends on wether or not you activated PayPal payment system:

  • If you did not activate PayPal payment system, you shall receive amounts within 72h after notification of transfer, by bank transfer.
  • If you activated PayPal payment system, we will execute PayPal payments and try relaunch unsucessful payments during five days. You will receive those PayPal payments directly on your PayPal account. After this 5 day period, we lauch bank transfer of debit / credit card payments. So it is a total of about 9 days after collection period end that are needed before you receive all funds.
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