Can I add funds that I’ve received outside of the Ulule fundraiser (checks, bank transfers)?

Did your aunt write you a cheque for 50 Euros that you would like to apply to your Ulule campaign?

You can easily submit this contribution from your interface.

First, take a picture of your check or a screenshot of your wire transfer, it will be needed.

From your project page, in the project edition navigation bar, click on Contributions and then on Offline order.

You will get to a page where you can add contributions received by postal check or bank transfer and check their status (waiting for your submission, under review from Ulule, accepted or declined).

For each offline contribution, you need to specify the amount and the associated reward(s) (you can associate one or several rewards to each offline contribution). Next, click on the green button at the bottom: "Register and send proof".

You’ll be directed to a form to insert the proof of payment (PDF, JPG and PNG format accepted) and optionally add the backer's identity.

Careful, validation can take up to 72 hours on our side!

For this reason, the option to add an offline contribution will be deactivated 72 hours prior to the end date of your campaign.

Please also make sure to indicate the exact amount from the check or the transfer to avoid a refusal from our side.

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