Promoting my project

There are many ways to promote your project.

1) First, there’s your Ulule project page: Do a good job of presenting your project and use interesting visuals to illustrate it (videos, images, portfolio...).

Then, update your project blog with news on your project’s progress and/or funding, or to let people know you’ve added new visuals or rewards.

2) Spread the word through your own network: Your first donors will often be people who are close to you, who know how committed you are to your project, and who interact with you personally. And don’t hesitate to talk about it with your acquaintances and colleagues. You’d be surprised at how much support you can get from people whom you hardly (or don’t) know when they are excited by your project.

3) A blog can be a superb promotional tool: If you have a blog or know some bloggers, don’t hesitate to tell them about your project: You could get some good feedback or insights from new sources.

4) Social networks: These provide opportunities to promote your project to your network of friends and to their friends too.

- With Facebook, you can post quick updates on your project, answer questions that come up, and promote it among your friends, or groups that focus on a related area of interest.

- With Twitter, you can make announcements about your blog posts, new rewards, or latest progress. A few well-placed retweets can spark interest among other Twitter users in your project. And, since Twitter is full of bloggers, influencial people, and journalists, it can be a useful tool for strategic purposes.

- Don't forget specialized websites such as MySpace or Noomiz, two networks that are dedicated to music and where you can share your music easily and build groups of friends and their contacts around your project.

5) Content sharing sites: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, FlickR, Pinterest and Picasa are all sites you can use to promote your project, by easily exporting your media to them and tracking their popularity and reach.

6) Information sharing sites: These are sites like Digg, where you can post news in the form of a continuous information feed. Internet users click on links that interest them and, in turn, pass on those that are most interesting. Creating accounts on sites like Digg (see complete list here) and contributing material about your project can be effective for promotion, and using these sites tends not to be too time consuming.

Be creative. Make videos, computer wallpaper, photonovels... Think up new ways to promote your project. Make the most of what you have at your disposal.

Don’t forget, with everything you publish, to provide a link to your Ulule project page, so that Internet users whose interest has been piqued by your ideas can become donors.

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