Can I make my contributions anonymous?

By default, contributions on Ulule are public and visible on the “supporters” tab of the campaign’s page or on the user profile of the contributor.

If you do not wish your contribution to be public, Ulule allows you to make it anonymous. In order to do so, you need to go on your “contributions” page by first clicking on your username on the top right corner of the website and then click on the desired contribution. If it is not one of your last ones, click on the More link below.From this page, click on the crayon shaped icon “Edit address and preferences” to reach the detailed page of your contribution. Finally, click on the option to turn your contribution anonymous.

If you prefer to make all of your contributions anonymous, you have to go to your general settings (click on your name in the top right corner then Settings). From this page, click on the Privacy tab. Check the second box and save. Please know that to make your contributions public again, you will have to manually edit each contribution.

Contributing to a project can sometimes reveal sensible or really personal information (your political or philosophical beliefs, your sexual orientation, your political opinions, etc). As an example, contributing to a project with a political dimension can indirectly reveal your political opinion. Our anonymous option can then be useful to protect your private life.

When you contribute to a project, even if you turned your contribution anonymous, Ulule shares to the project owners relevant information about you in order for them to communicate with you and to make the delivery of rewards possible. This information will contain at least your email, username, amount paid, date, paying method and reward selected. In case you gave them to us, we will also communicate your first and last name as well as delivery and billing addresses.

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