How-to define your goal?

The idea is to have a campaign that hits the mark. So, by establishing a goal that is achievable and realistic for the campaign, it is the defining aspect of any project owner.

Here are 3 tips to help!

1. Do the maths 🤓

In average, people pledge $50 on Ulule, so if you need $3,000 it's at least 60 persons. $10k will be 200, etc. 

So simply: when defining your goal, think about the number of people you will be able to reach with your project. Don't only think about the amount.

That's how you will find your absolute minimal amount rather than your ideal amount.

From there, think about your stretch goals that will engage your community then hit your ideal amount!

Additional tips here:

  • Rate your reputation based on the commitment of your community: does my community like, share my Facebook posts? How many Facebook friends does the page of my project or my business have?
  • Think about the costs of the rewards (not to be neglected) and shipping costs (if applicable).

2. Engage your 1st circle

Remember the rule of 3 circles?

Evaluate this amount according to your 1st circle: family, close friends and supporters.  They will give you that initial 10 backers. Afterwards, in most case, your immediate community will get you over that 20-30% funding hump.

Every single campaign starts like this, even the biggest on earth.

3. Talk to us!

Our crowdfunding specialists manage hundreds and hundreds of projects, trust them.

They know how it works, and even more, they feel the vibe.

We're here to help you succeed :)


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