Adding variations to my rewards

Sometimes, you want to offer rewards that may come in different versions, like clothes’ size, color of your book cover or flavour of your protein bar.

Instead of adding many rewards, you can add variations to an existing reward. The backers will then select directly the desired option to get the reward.

To add variations, go to your reward manager then add or edit the desired reward. The title and the description of your reward will contain the elements that won’t change, whatever is the selected option.

Scroll down to the Variations section and click on the button + Add variations.
This will display the description field for your first two variations.

To add an extra variation, click on + Add a variation.

To reorganise the order of variations, click on they grey arrows to rise or lower the desired variation order.
To delete a variation, click on the grey cross in a circle shaped icon next to the desired variation.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • You must always offer at least 2 variations
  • If a reward has variations, there can’t be quantity limitation of the global reward, the limitations applies at the variation level.
  • Only the reward can have a picture, not the variation
  • If your reward is translated in different languages, you can’t offer different variations in one language compared to another.
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