Adding pick-up points for your rewards

You have the possibility to let your contributors pick up their rewards. In this case:

  • The contributors don’t have to pay a shipping fee
  • They have the pleasant opportunity to meet you, the project owner, in person.

The pick-up point can be offered in addition to the standard delivery option, or it can replace the standard delivery option.

Keep in mind that you can define only pick up points that are eligible for all the rewards. It is not possible to define different pick up points for particular rewards.

That’s why you can only add the pick up points in the general delivery settings at the bottom of the rewards section page.

To make it not too confusing for your backers, we recommend to offer a few pick up points (2 or 3 addresses).

How to add pick up points?

Go to the rewards section and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Edit global shipping settings + Add a pickup point to add each pick up point. Give a name to this place and you have the option to specify the address and any other useful information.

If you want to remove a pick up point, you have to click on the cross icon on the right of the name. You can determine the order of the pick up places as displayed, by clicking on the arrows next to it.

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