Risks and challenges of a Ulule project

Creators on Ulule appeal to crowdfunding with the goal of launching a brand new project. Such projects, nascent as they are, have inherent risks and challenges to overcome! 

At Ulule, we harness our expertise gained from tens of thousands of supported projects to only accept on our platform project proposals with the necessary ingredients for possible crowdfunding success: the project being motivated by 1) creativity, 2) solidarity or 3) entrepreneurship, having a following around it, having a robust communication plan, having promised rewards, etc. 

We encourage project creators to be as transparent as possible with their backers from day one as to the risks and challenges they will face in carrying out their project. 


It’s natural to ask yourself “what if it doesn’t go as planned”? 

Albeit that between 65% and 70% of projects on Ulule get funded, the primary risk for a project is not gathering enough support to reach 100% of its goal before the end of its campaign. Should this be the case, you will be automatically refunded.

A second risk pertains to delays in the delivery of rewards; we encourage project creators to communicate frequently with their backers after the campaign has ended. So stay tuned for updates from the creator (which you will receive by email if you backed the project). Some creators have agreed in the past to provide compensation for long delays. 

Finally, there can exist a multitude of risks unique to a project in particular, be it by its nature or simply due to unforeseen events. These can result in anywhere from a minor to significant impact on the project coming to fruition or the timely shipping of rewards. 


By backing a project on Ulule, you are helping to maximize the possibility that this project will succeed without a hitch. However, this does not eliminate the risks involved; project creation is an adventure, with its own joys and sometimes its own disappointments, That’s the nature of the beast. 

For these reasons Ulule cannot guarantee that projects will fulfill all of their obligations. We do everything in our power to make our tools and advice available to creators for the successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign, but it is ultimately up to the project creator to deliver and keep the commitments they have made to their backers.

Bearing all this in mind, should any dispute occur and that cannot be resolved amicably, Ulule may provide its users with a recourse to mediation.

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