Everything about rewards and delivery on Ulule

What is a reward?

The reward is at the heart of your Ulule campaign! This is what your contributors receive as an exchange for their money. There are different types of rewards: symbolic, material, experiential, and exclusive, but never financial. Usually symbolic and/or material rewards are offered for a relatively low amount whereas experiences and exclusive packages are more often offered for a higher amount.

It is extremely important that the reward type is aligned with the requested price of the reward, unless it’s a free donation!

In most cases, the contributor receives something in exchange for their money, but it is also possible to support a project with a simple donation without any reward.


Contributing without a reward

If you are not interested in any reward or if you live far away from the pick up location, you can contribute to the project by a free donation.

This free donation will go to the project leader if the project is successfully funded.

Be careful, these donations are not necessarily subject to a tax deduction, it all depends if the project leader is an association authorized to issue tax receipts and if this is made available for the campaign. In case of doubt, ask the project leader!


One contribution, multiple rewards!

It is possible to select multiple rewards on the same campaign. Discover all the available rewards first and, after selecting your first preference, you can then add more rewards to make a contribution.

You can also take several quantities of the same reward, while stocks last. 

Note that the rewards are not always subject to the same shipping conditions: place, deadline and costs.



If the project is not funded, you’ll automatically be reimbursed. Ulule also guarantees the option to refund a contribution free of charge as long as the campaign is still live. Learn more about reimbursements.  

Once the campaign is completed and successfully funded, Ulule can no longer guarantee the reimbursement of a contribution. After the campaign deadline, the reward is subject to the general terms and conditions of the specific project. You should check these terms in order to learn more about reimbursements or reach out to the project owner directly. . 


How does the delivery work?

The delivery (estimated date, place and possible expenses) is defined by the project owner. It is possible that a reward has a specific, limited or extended delivery. You can find these specifications when you select a reward.

The deadlines as shown on the project page are estimations and might change during the campaign! 

Also, the contributor only receives the reward if the project is successfully funded. Keep in mind that the contributors are not ordering a product on Ulule as they would on an e-commerce site. But they are supporting the birth of a project.


Can I update my delivery address? 

You can change the delivery address for the reward as long as the campaign is online. In order to make changes to the delivery address, you have to log in to your account and select the reward that you’d like to modify.

Although it is possible to change this address after the end of the campaign, we invite you to contact the project owner directly to confirm the change with him/her if necessary.

Also follow the news on which the project owner often communicates about the delivery and sometimes offers to confirm your address.


Can I contribute after the campaigns’ deadline? 

It is no longer possible to contribute to a Ulule campaign once it is ended.

However, euro-based campaigns can set up an Okpal page which allows latecomers to contribute to their campaign after its deadline. Other project owners link their e-commerce or website to their page which also creates the possibility to get your reward. 

In both cases, you have to click on the "Order" or "Participate" button as shown at the top of the page in order to contribute to the project.

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