Facebook Ads - April 2021 Update

Facebook (in response to changes on Apple’s end) no longer allows ad management on a site you do not own. 

As a result: you can no longer configure Facebook ads having a conversion event that takes place on the Ulule.com domain and you will no longer be able to access remarketing audiences for this same reason.

There is currently no technical solution to get around this, but our team will remain vigilant on any changes that Facebook could bring.

Here are the alternatives we can recommend to you right now:

  1. Change your ads to traffic targets or clicks on domains you own and use the utm parameters of URLs to track conversions in your Ulule contributor export file.
  2. If remarketing and advertising are critical to your campaign strategy, we suggest you contact your coach to set up an action plan for your advertising needs directly with our team.

For more information concerning these changes :

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