What are the differences between the fundraising methods?

Based on the information you give us and your history with Ulule, we will direct you to what we think is the right fundraising method for your project: reward-based or donation-based fundraising.

Reward-based fundraising

You offer rewards (symbolic, material or experiential) to your backers in exchange for their financial support.

This method is adapted to well-defined projects with a strong community dimension, clear rewards and an "all or nothing" logic. The "all or nothing" logic implies that you only receive the funds collected if the goal is reached or exceeded within the timeframe you have set.

Reward-based are time-limited and last a maximum of 90 days (usually between 30 and 45 days).


Donation-based fundraising

You receive one-time or monthly donations from your community without any reward to offer in exchange. The goal and duration are optional, you can keep your page online as long as you want.


Summary of the differences between the two fundraising methods:


Reward-based fundraising

Donation-based fundraising












One-time or monthly


8% VAT included on all funds raised only in case of success

8% VAT included on all funds collected


No matter if you choose to do a reward-based or a donation-based campaign, you will get support from our coaching team throughout your campaign.

The Ulule commission is the same for both methods. It is applied to all the funds transferred if you choose donation-based fundraising. It is deducted only in the event of success (i.e. reaching or exceeding the goal) for reward-based fundraising.

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