Adding rewards

In order to contribute to your project, users choose between the rewards you offer on your page. you must add all your rewards one by one, specifying the description and the value.

Click on the Reward link in your edition menu to add or edit a reward.

The page is divided into two sections:

  • A section to add and edit your rewards
  • A section to define the global delivery settings (you can always define and apply specific settings to one reward in particular)

Click on Add reward to add a reward to your project. You must indicate the amount needed to obtain the reward and also define a title. You will also have the possibility to add a description and a picture.

  • A reward can have a limit of available stock (for special editions, early birds prices,...)

If you want to add options to your reward (color, size,...), you can use the variations features on your reward.


You reward will apply by default the delivery settings you have defined on your Rewards page, but if you can apply specific delivery settings to a reward you are creating/editing. To do so, check the box Custom delivery settings for this reward and click on Save and set delivery.

Note that an option to contribute without asking for a reward will be automatically added on all campaign with a financial objective (will not apply on presales campaign).

The delivery settings, specific or global, are the following:

  • You must specify the estimated date of delivery for the reward.
  • Then, you need to define the countries where you’ll be able to deliver and eventual shipping fees.
  • If you do not plan to do delivery, you can select the option No shipping.

The other choices allow you to limit the shipping to your country, your country and selected countries, or worldwide shipping.

Define each time the shipping fees associated. The options National and certain countries only will allow you to set specific fees per specific country / areas, while the Worldwide shipping option will let you only define a National shipping fee and an international shipping one.


Please note that the delivery address will become mandatory as soon as you offer shipping (for rewards with no shipping, see article When should I require a mandatory shipping address?)
You have the option to require a phone number also.


If you need advices on the kind of rewards you should offer, you can discuss it with your coach directly from your campaign page (Link to contacter coach).

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